Android beta app version 1.1.4

Well it hasn’t been very long since the first beta of our app was released. We have been working revised the look and feel and function of this app. Primarily getting the gap to stay logged in even when the user is not using the app specifically at that moment..

The list of fixes are as follows.

  • The app will now remain logged in.
  • You should be able to receive notifications.

Known issues

*App will reset to community activite if user goes away from app.

As of right now you must register from the site

To installed this new version make sure that your phone is in developer mode. If you are not sure how to here is a link. I know it is from Samsung but it should bring true for most recent versions of Android

Right on! Now that you are in developer mode go to

You should just be able to install it

As always please let us know if any issues we can’t fix if we don’t know it’s broken

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