The jabber jaw philosophy

Our philosophy is rather simple. First amendment of the Constitution applies to this platform and the users who are registered. Safety of our users is also important. That being said use common sense Don’t give out information you don’t want strangers to have.

Now let’s talk about Facebook, Facebook jail in particular.

Have you ever really thought about why Facebook puts people in so called jail. I mean other than fact that it is their platform and I can do whatever they want.  It is actually quite perplexing to me how one group of people with opinions will get this jail time and others with different opinions will not.

As of late social media in general has gotten way too involved in censoring their platforms. They must really forget that they’re not a publication. I mean I know they both start with p but seriously they have totally different spellings.


Recently somebody I know was put in Facebook jail for 30 days for having an opinion. Whether it be popular or unpopular I believe firmly that when you have a platform you give your users the people the right to speak their mind. So that in turn says to me the first amendment of our constitution has been given weight.


Well here at we have made it our first duty to our users to ensure that first amendment Right of free speech is upheld. As of right now there are only two ways you get booted from our platform. Also that means that the cops will be called as well. One you’ve put illegal pornography on our platform. Two you  threatening to do harm to somebody. Safety of our users is important to us as well.


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I don't know why but I truly believe that Facebook plays a crucial role in our lives. hardly does a day go by without my using this application beside playing io games
November 16, 2021 1:52 am