Apps coming soon, Features add and layout change

Mobile apps

  • In a few weeks we are hoping to release an app for IOS and Android devices


  • We have add a blogging feature that we hope will let the blogger in you come forth. Letting you add picture and embed links like youtube.  We also added an event creation feature that we are working on.  Please note that all blogs and events are posted as public so you can share it on other platforms.

Layout Change

  • We have tweaked the layout so you can see others who maybe online.

As always you feedback is welcomed

The building of my apartment

  • I wound up two years ago converting a three-car garage into a small apartment for myself. And since literally I was starting from stud that gave me an advantage I could actually choose the layout and not only that but design a network of my dreams. I first started out deciding how fast should my network go. And I wound up deciding on a cat 7 layout that would give me a theoretical speed of 10 gig per second. I had friends say Chris your internet doesn’t run that fast. The funny thing is they were only thinking about what goes on from my house to the internet with no thought of what actually all happens inside the network. Transferring the files movies that are kept on a media server and such. It was very interesting seeing the amount of equipment that was available for this. The only issue I ran into was securing a router that would do 10 gigabit across all the ports. In the tech world it was still used as what we call a trunking port that basically means we connect from one router to another for a high throughput of information. But I was determined that I wanted high throughput throughout my entire house. I am not going to lie it was about two grand or more to get such a device. So you get me going I did settle for a Netgear that allowed me to use at least one 10 gig and one 2.5 gig and the other 14 quarts were only one gig disappointed I had to make do with what I had. 10 gig obviously trunking over to my office and a 2.5 gig going to my wireless. For my wireless I chose to use a ubiquity wireless solution. This allows me to be more versatile in my setup. I was also able to centralize the wireless access point and mount it literally in the middle of the apartment, that means that no matter where I am inside or outside I am always connected. Then I had to figure out if I wanted it open concept or not. I chose to go with nothing concept. My better a sitting area and part of my kitchen take up one of the stalls. I have a living room and kitchen that basically take up one where one whole stall was. The other stall I had the bathroom move to make a bigger bathroom the original bathroom became the utility room and the rest of the stall is storage and workshop.

Big things in the works

very interesting things have been happening in the course of events in our country, events that have led me to take certain actions. Such as filing paperwork to form an LLC, and speed uo plans that were supposed to have been down the line. However, parlor who was hosted through Amazon’s AWS has been shut down by Amazon themselves. Social media platforms are banning users left and right literally for various reasons this has left these people who searched for a different social media outlet. With big tech apparently cracking down on things it has led me to put this platform under an LLC giving me legal separation from it. It also opens up avenues to get resources easier for this platform than if I as an individual where to try and attain them. I had always intended I’m bringing this platform in house eventually. Too big items have happened recently to make me speed up that timetable one it seems that we are running out of resource space quicker than anticipated, two a push has apparently been made to shut down smaller social media platforms. Bringing this platform in house will do several things it will one, allow me to back up the database multiple times per day so if something were to happen the impact would be less than if the backup has been made once a day that is in the case of our current host. Two it will give me the ability to control what happens hardware wise and security wise. Three it will allow me to add functionality that I was not able to add so easily with current web hosting.

hopefully in the week or two you will see the change of company to LLC.